Children’s Eye Examinations

We recommend every child to have their eyes examined by an optometrist

Children’s Eye Examinations

The eyesight of a newborn baby is not particularly well developed until about 12 months old, and the development process can continue up to about 7 years of age.

During this time, some eye problems, which may not always be apparent, can be rectified and so it is important all children have an eye examination to identify those children who do have eye problems within this time frame. This is particularly important where there is a family history of squint or lazy eye.

Your child will have a basic vision check with a health visitor and perhaps a check up just prior to school entry. Whilst these checks are very useful, they are no substitute for a comprehensive eye examination with an optometrist.

We recommend every child to have their eyes examined by an optometrist, ideally at about 3 1/2 – 4 years. If you have any specific concerns we’re happy to see children at a much earlier age.

We tailor the eye examination to the child’s age and ability and we have a range of equipment that allows us to do this. Ask us for details or advice any time.

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The NHS Sight Test Protocol

The NHS sight test protocol simply defines what you should expect from your NHS sight test. This protects the patient by ensuring that an NHS eye examination will attain a minimum standard regardless of where it is carried out. It also protects the optometrist by clarifying where an NHS eye examination ends and where either referral to a medical practitioner or additional services provided by the optometrist would be appropriate. This protocol will also form the basis of our private eye examination.