Ocular Therapeutics

Optometrists are a hugely under used resource in the diagnosis and management of eye disorders. We possess a wide range of skills and have access to much equipment and technology that place us in a key position to help patients with eye problems.

This has always been a major focus for us at R. Green and Partners and we have developed an outstanding reputation with GP’s and Ophthalmologists in managing patients with eye disease.

Most recently, Zosia Brownsword has successfully completed her independent prescribing diploma in ocular therapeutics, one of only a small number of such optometrists in the UK, allowing her to treat a wide range of eye disorders, so presenting a convenient alternative to GP’s, eye casualty and eye out-patients.

This has increased our management options, from simply triaging the referral of patients to hospital eye departments, or advising our GP colleagues on treatment, to offering treatments without the need to have doctors or hospital appointments.